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Toys Combat terrorism!

Combat terrorism with toys! – fighting terror is actually very ease if you understand it!  There are two types of terrorists – older individual that develop mental problems such as Osama bin Laden - children who are born into poverty or extremism as in Afghanistan and Nigeria.  Combat terrorism with toys! – This presumption sounds idiotic.  Fighting terrorism with military and police forces appear legitimate and effective - in reality these strategies are band-aids. Terrorism only collapses in the face of toys, video games, music instruments, etc.

which is self-evident once we can recognize the role toys, tools, and electronic gadgets played in shaping our thoughts.  We recognize kids who play with blocks reap a host of cognitive benefits yet ignore how these same toys stop terrorism!  Why would terrorist groups such as Taliban, Daesh, Al Shabaab keep children from playing computer games, watching TV, listening to music, playing with dolls, getting a “real” education? - Through all of these tools children gain critical thinking skills and they reject bullshit dogma from a very young age!

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