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We travel the world setting our sights on third world countries. We explore underdeveloped communities without commodities like electricity and running water. We identify the children that are frozen in these states of poverty.


We believe that random act of kindness will create a ripple effect of generosity. We don’t have a religious agenda and operate only with the idea that a toy can change a life. It can provide a child with their first tool for self-education. It can provide a child with a possibility of dreaming beyond the restrains of their reality.


Our delivery method is unique because it’s personal and always a surprise. We believe our one on one encounters make children feel special. They feel important. They feel their lives matter. When we walk away they realize that there are no strings attached. They realize that the gift is truly theirs and they have the freedom to think in a different way.



Leland and I (Rina) grew up in very poor environments in 3rd world countries and have experienced both the feeling of receiving and that of giving.  Our experience as children have impacted us profoundly and inspired us to start this project.  For the past 18 years we have traveled to third world countries to give out toys, dolls, baby clothes, electronic gadgets to children who are most in need.  The target children are those who haven’t reaped the benefits of our world’s trickle-down economics and who can only dreamed of owning their own toys and electronics.  

Like you, Leland and I want to make the world a better place.  By giving toys and electronics to poverty stricken children they are empowered and can find a way to make a living in our modern society.  Coming soon, simple jobs like being an auto mechanic or taxi drivers, which are standard jobs for them today, will be employment out of reach for the disenfranchised individuals who live a childhood without access to toys.

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