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Why provide toys, tools, and electronic gadgets to children?

Toys make children smile and are a missing links in combating poverty. The toys we deliver to children in extreme poverty provide important cognitive and academic benefits. Toys are fun, exciting and encourage children to develop a wide variety of skills and abilities. The toys prepare the kids for school, sports and life!  Toys are part of the solution for solving extreme poverty – education reduces poverty when the children have played with proper toys i.e. a child who has no access to computers will not become a programmer and get a job in Silicon Valley.


Toys enable education and help children become competitive in school. Toys provide both short and long term positive effects. For instance, kids learn basic colors and shapes which are habitual repetition and immediate, while also learning visual-spatial awareness which will facilitate the development of future reading and writing skills. Kids will also learn to cooperate and communication with others as well as vital problem solving skills.  These skills are key for success in school and as an adult when obtaining employment.

A child’s interaction with toys has a critical impacts on their success – could a child lacking a musical instrument become a musician?  A simple toy is the most potent tool for stimulating a child’s critical thinking and imagination – toys are disruptors and play a pivotal role in abating the circle of violence, suffering and extreme ideologies. 


Is it possible to combat terrorism, mass migrations, animal extinction, slavery, violence, corruption, etc. with toys, tools, and electronic gadgets? Absolutely! To retain control, terrorists, extremists, slave masters, etc. strictly forbid toys, tools, and electronic gadgets that trigger critical thinking – on the other hand - it appears extreme poverty restricts the access to toys in every areas with animal extinctions and deforestations. 


The appropriate toys provides a child with a sense of hope and value bringing about a lasting change in the child’s life - to the extent that poverty and violence decreases and peace and democracy flourish.     

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